A Favorite Teacher.

When I was a student in Graphic Design School two of my favorite topics were typography and calligraphy. We had the same teacher in both subjects. His name is Christopher Haanes. As hardly a day goes by in my work as a graphic designer, without a grateful thought in his direction, I was excited to recently re-discover his work through his website at
Haanes has crafted the Nobel Peace Price Diploma since 2017. Read more here.

As students, we both highly admired and indeed feared this teacher, because he was uncompromisingly professional, a master of his skills, and a passionate scholar. He was prepared to fight the battle of letters on any ground and thus he was not always as “kind” in his feedback to us, as the more soft-skinned among us would perhaps have preferred.

My own efforts, a combined assignment in book-binding, calligraphy, and illustration, “Said about books” - a small collection of illustrated quotes about books. The Charles Dickens quote reads in English: There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts.

But even if I went to his classes and handed in my assignments with some trepidation, I knew that what I would gain from his teachings was of the greatest value and would serve me as a graphic designer for life. Observing how letterforms and typography are being violated in today’s printed and digital media, the need for his teachings has increased tremendously. If I succeed in passing on to you just a tiny bit of his learnings, I will be honored and proud.

This Wednesday, after our Monthly Graphic Class, he is giving a free lecture on his Facebook Page.

Yours, with a trembling pen,

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