In the first Monthly Graphic Class that we had with the BETA students in Broter School of Design, we talked a lot about getting into the habit of using your eyes. Now, I am sure you don’t go through your days with your eyes closed! But what I am talking about NOW is deliberate, conscious use of your eyes.
It’s “going-to-the-eyes-gym” -kind of using your eyes.

Why? Because there is so much FREE training to be had. By looking and reflecting on graphic design that you see around you and ponder what works and what doesn’t, you can learn so much that will help you the next time YOU sit down to create something.

Recently, I grabbed this image from Instagram. I love that it’s in Norwegian, because then you won't start reading the image, but rather: look at the graphic elements here! Regarding space and proximity, I have a very simple “rule” that is easy to remember: What belongs together shall be placed together.
The white lines belong together, without a doubt! They are in a bigger font-size and color and even without knowing a word of Norwegian, we get that “this is the heading”. Then WHY for the sake of good graphic order, does the second line of the header cling to the first line of the paragraph below?
Shouldn’t it stay with its companion? Out on our own, are we??? Hmm…’’
Moving it to where it belongs, the structure of this text becomes visible and the graphic balances better. Phew!

If you have by now activated your sleuthing graphic eye, like me, you will probably see at least 4 other things in this image that urgently need graphic help. Which are they?

To be continued…

Detectingly yours,

PS. If you have managed to translate the text in the image, you have discovered that the message is quite a serious and important one. Why then, dress it up in this DIY home-made fashion and reduce the seriousness and impact of it?
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