Sorry to nag you again about size, but it matters. When you make image posts for Instagram, which most of us look at ONLY on our mobile phones, please consider the size in which people will see your post.

If you are using Canva to create something, this means setting the zoom level to about 25%. This is how your message will be viewed, and you don’t want people to miss it because you have created everything too small. Here is a post picked from IG, where I have anonymized the sender.

Most of this post is “white space” (red actually) that could have been leveraged for the message. In addition, there is a weird “shark fin” image exactly behind the letters, making them even more difficult to read than the tiny size already does. See my retake on this post-image below:
Here is what I did:
1. Got rid of the shark fin
2. Kept the reds in case they had some brand significance. (I wouldn’t know)
3. Set positive (dark) text on negative (white) background for easy reading.
4. Used a narrower font. This way more words will fit in sideways, and you can increase the letter size.
5. We are designing text, not writing it, this is NOT Microsoft Word. As the designer, I am the one to decide where the lines break. This is a “non-running” text, the sentences are statements. I will always aim to keep statements together on the same line. The A left on its own on the second last line is utterly sad.
6. Removed the superfluous (and hardly visible) quotation marks. Added one on top to signal “quote.”
7. “BOOK REVIEW” seems to be the title of this post, so I moved it to the top where it belongs.

Can you see anything else in the original that has a graphic itch to it? There is a big one! Let me know!

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